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About me:

I am a relative newbie to the law enforcement profession. My new career began about three years ago when, at the tender age of 36 (yes, old dogs CAN learn new tricks), I landed a clerical position at the Erie County Correctional Facility. I thought I was a clerical employee, but later realized that I was, in fact, already a law enforcement professional. The job required a knowledge of the penal law, courts, and sentencing guidelines. It involved some inmate contact and, since I worked in the locked-in area, I worked closely with Correction Officers and Sheriff's Deputies. It seemed a logical next step to join these men and women.

Since that time, I have passed the scrutiny and trials and tribulations (and the test) required to become a Deputy Sheriff Officer in the Holding Center (jail) Division of the Erie County (NY) Sheriff's Office. I work at the Erie County Holding Center in downtown Buffalo and have the lowest seniority of just about anybody there (even though I have 20 years of public employment behind me), but I love it. I am proud to be a member of this fine agency and am pleased to have joined the ranks of "Law Enforcement Professional".

This website has been designed as a starting place for me, and other law enforcement officers, to access the sites on the internet that provide the information and resources we need to do our jobs more easily and professionally. I expect it to be of great help in my career and, if it helps anyone else out there, even better.

I'm still looking for useful links to add to this site, so if any of you veterans out there have any favorites that I should know about, please drop me a line and let me know, so I can add them.

Thanks for your attention, and be safe out there.

We have made arrests since 03/08/98

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Dep. Nory